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Assistive Technology

AT is any device, software or equipment that can help you work around your individual challenges to help you learn, communicate, do more everyday tasks and improve your quality of life.

Our role involves supporting you with all or any of the following: developing access methods, AAC, computer access, mounting, environmental control, leisure activities and gaming, access to the curriculum and activities of daily living. Our goal is participation.

Through AT, we can provide accessible and innovative ways to give you access to communication, using tools such as text-to-speech and word prediction. AT can also give you control of many of your everyday needs including:

·        accessing social media

·        sending emails

·        taking photographs

·        changing TV channels

·        listening to music

·        changing the temperature in your room

·        turning lights on/off

Technology is a rapidly expanding area and our team can provide you with the latest mainstream and specialist technologies which are the most appropriate to meet your needs.  Input will be bespoke and solutions can be found to almost any assistive technology requirement.

We will help set up the AT in whichever environment you need it and teach you how to use it. And we’ll provide extra support if you have any questions or need help in future.

AT can help you manage your everyday life more easily, communicate more clearly, improve your confidence, and give you more independence.

Read more about solutions we have already provided to our clients below:

Our clients

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Case study

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Case study

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